Importing Log Entries

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Importing Log Entries

This tool allows you to import log entries based on a CSV file. This will populate your myCred log table with entries however it will not adjust your users balances!

CSV File Structure

The importer requires the following CSV file structure:

Position Required Column Description
1 Yes $reference The log entry reference.
2 Yes $ref_id The reference ID. If not used, make sure the value is set to zero.
3 Yes $identification Either a users ID, email address, username or slug, identifying the user.
4 Yes $amount Point amount.
5 Yes $point_type Point type key.
6 Yes $time UNIX timestamp.
7 Yes $entry The visual log entry.
8 No $data Optional string or serialized array.

For more information on each column along with proper formatting, please consult the Log documentation.