Features and Requirements

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Daily Login Rewards is a myCred extension that allows you to incorporate features common in myCred into your website such as login rewards daily and point systems and competition between users.The Plugin includes:

  • Rewards Calendar: Set up and manage rewards for consecutive and non-consecutive days. Enable admin to reward users on daily login or point management.


  • myCred
  • myCred Daily Login Rewards


General Settings>>Create a new Rewards Calendar. Change Rewards Calendar Title and Rewards Calendar Description.

General Settings>>Rewards Calendar Settings:

     a.Consecutively: This feature enables users to earn awards on daily login/visit.

     b.Limited Time: This feature makes the calendar functional for limited time only.

     c.Repeatable: This feature makes the  calendar repeatable to let users earn the rewards limited or unlimited times.

     d.Maximum Times: Number of times a user can repeat this calendar.

     e.Complete Other Calendars: User need to complete other calendars to earn current reward.

                 f.Show Pop up on Reward: Pop us showed after the user got a reward.

                 g.Image Size: Set up reward image size.

                 h.Columns: Number of columns in which rewards displays.

                 i:Completed Image: Image shown after a single reward completed.

General Settings>>Add a New Reward in Rewards Calendar.

General Settings>>Add a New Badge.

General Settings>>Add a New Rank.