Memberpress Payment Hook

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Memberpress Payment Hook

Setting Up Hooks :

  1. Go to → Default point type
  2. Click on → Hooks

As the integration is uploaded, installed and activated the integration will integrate two new hooks in the hooks tab of the myCred settings .

Memberpress One Time And Recurring Subscription Payment Hook:

  • This hook has been integrated to award points when a membership has been subscribed with one time payment or recurring payment in Memberpress.
  • To activate this hook, navigate to myCred default point type menu→ Hooks→ Drag and drop the Memberpress One Time And Recurring Subscription Payment hook and drop to active hooks to activate the hook functionality
  • After the hook has been activated it can be set according to the preferences and requirements of the admin as to how they want to award points.
  • A limit can be set on points in days, weeks, in total and no limit.
  • The hook can also be set to track and award points for the recurring payment.
  • There has been a checkbox integrated in the hook, that needs to be checkmarked to trigger the points award mechanism when a recurring subscription membership is subscribed.