Block Profiles

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Block Profiles

If an admin wants to block a specific profile type from displaying achievements, the admin will follow the following steps.

  • Navigate to wordpress admin dashboard > Buddyboss.
  • Click on the Settings tab.

  • Click the Profiles tab.

  • Select the checkbox beside the Profile Type Label.

  • After enabling this option, the Profile Types tab will be added under the Profile Section.
  • To add the Profile, navigate to the Profiles from the dashboard under the Buddyboss section.

  • Click on the Add New Post button to create a new Profile Type.


  • The following page will open when you click on Add new posts.

  • Add the required details and click on Publish to create a Profile type.

  • After adding Profile Type, the admin can view the profile types list on the profile listing page

  • Navigate to the myCred from Admin Dashboard

  • Then click on BuddyBoss option.


  • Select the Profile type that admin want to block the display achievement in the field of Blocked Profiles Types.

                    Note: A profile type must be created first to block the display of achievements for that profile type.

  • Click on Update Settings to save details.

Frontend Impact

  • Before

           Here, the achievement is displayed where the Profile type is Student.

  • After

            Now, when the admin blocks the Student profile type for displaying  achievements.