myCred GiveWP

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myCred GiveWP


This plugin works for ‘Donation’ feature. Donation forms will be placed on main page of website.
Whenever a registered user will donate on a campaign so he/she will either be rewarded with badges/Points or can be deducted with points. The cases are depending on following scenarios:


  • Award/Deduct points on making a ‘donation’\
  • Award/Deduct points on ‘donation of minimum amount’ (Threshold of specific amount)
  • Award/Deduct points on ‘donation through specific form’
  • Award badge on making ‘donation’
  • Award badge on donation of ‘minimum amount’ (Threshold of specific amount)
  • Award badge on ‘donation from specific form’


Note: Admin must set some ‘Hook Points’ for above stated cases


There are three plugins required:
1- GiveWP plugin
First of all, you have to go to below site address. Then download ‘GiveWP Plugin’

Min. Requirements







2- myCred GiveWP Addon

Go to ‘add new’ plugin option. Upload, Install and Activate the plugin

3- myCred plugin

  • Go to ‘Plugin’
  • Then ‘Add New’ plugin option
  • In Search Bar type ‘mycred’
  • ‘Activate’ the highlighted mycred plugin