Payment Gateways

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Payment Gateways

In order to buy points, we need to pay, and to do that, we need a “Payment Gateway”. Gateways are bridges that connect the buyCred add-on with popular online payment operators, such as PayPal or Payza.


The add-on comes with built-in support for five online payment operators and a manual gateway for bank transfers. Once the add-on has been enabled, all gateways you have installed will become available on the “Payment Gateways” page in the myCred menu.

The payment gateways that come built-in to the buyCred add-on.

Premium Gateways

If the built-in gateways are not to your liking, the myCred store has an ever growing number of gateways that you could use instead. You can also find a growing list of free plugins here