The transfer add-on allows your users to transfer points to other users on your website. You can let users transfer as much as they can afford or enforce a daily or weekly limit.


Once you enabled the transfer add-on you first will need to setup your transfer settings. First, we need to nominate the point type or types that you want users to be able to transfer. Next we need to set the log templates we going to use when users make transfers. These fields can not be empty or the transfers will be declined by the plugin!

Next, you need to decide if you want to enforce a transfer limit, and if you do, what that limit should be.

myCRED transfer settings.

The transfer limit is enforced for all point types you have enabled.

Next we need to setup the templates. The add-on uses three templates. First we have the visitors template which is used when the shortcode or widget is viewed by someone not logged in on your website.

If you are using the transfer limit, you can also set the template that is shown when a user has reached their transfer limit. If you select to show a users balance, you can also set the template that sets how the balance is shown.

Finally you can set the default button label and the warning messages your users see.

myCRED transfer template settings.

Transfers without the Transfers add-on

Besides the transfer add-on, the mycred_send shortcode allows users to transfer points from their own account to a pre-defined recipient with a pre-defined amount.

Regular Transfers

Users make transfers using the mycred_transfer shortcode. The shortcode also comes in a widget form that works exactly like the shortcode.


Since you can set a custom reference when users transfer and change the button label, you could use transfers as form of donations. Simply create a user account that will hold the donations and set the recipient in the shortcode to that user. All transfers are then sent directly to that account.

Last edited June 18, 2016