The myCRED Codex

Online documentation of everything myCRED


Install myCRED
Let me show you how easy it is to install and setup myCRED on your website.


New In 1.6
Everything you need to know about version 1.6 before updating.


The myCRED “Logic”
Want to award or charge users myCRED points? No problem! Here’s how it works.

Setting up your Hooks
Decide when and how much you want to award / charge users for interacting with your website.

Updating to 1.6
Please read this short guide before updating existing installations to 1.6

Remote API
Connect your websites or execute point related actions remotely using the Remote API.

Setting up your Add-ons
Setting up add-ons are easy as pie and requires no programming skills.

Troubleshooting 101
Don’t Panic! Help is here.

Gateway API
Everything you need to know on how myCRED handles payment gateways.



The myCRED Support Forum is open for all myCRED Users who have registered on the myCRED website and offers support Monday – Friday.


Hire a Developer

Not comfortable with PHP or CSS but need help customizing your myCRED Installation? No problem.