The Codex

Welcome to the myCRED Codex. Here you can find in-depth documentation about most myCRED features. You can find everything from installation guides for beginners or API documentation for fellow WordPress developers.

Chapter I

What is myCRED and what can you do with it? In our first chapter, we will go through the core concept of the plugin, how it interacts with your WordPress installation, what features are available and how they work.

Chapter II

Getting started with myCRED is easy. In this chapter we will go through everything from installation, point type setups, add-on setups and uninstallation.

Chapter III

In this chapter we will go through each built-in add-on in more detail. Here you will find out how to install each add-on, what features they offer and how they work.

Chapter IV

In Chapter 4, we will look closer at the premium add-ons that are available via the myCRED Store. This includes third-party bridges, gamification plugins and buyCRED gateways.

Chapter V

This chapter is dedicated to WordPress developers or myCRED users who feel comfortable programming in PHP. This developer chapter goes through how myCRED works under the hood and how each built-in API operates.

Chapter VI

In this final chapter, I put together some reference guides. Here you can find all actions, filters, functions, classes, shortcodes and much more.