WP-PostRatings Actions


This hook allows you to reward your users for rating content on your website using the WP-PostRatings plugin. You can select to reward the user making the rating or the content author that is receiving the rating.

As of version 1.6 you can select to reward a specific amount or reward the rating amount (1-5).

Available since version 1.5

Known Issues

This hook will not be visible if WP-PostRatings is not enabled.


Make sure you set a point value other than zero to enable the hook and make sure you have provided a log entry template. You can select to just reward the user making the rating and/or the post content author for getting their content rated.

Supported Instances

Instance Reference Description
post_rating Give or take points from users for rating content.
post_rating_author Give or take points from content authors for receiving a rating.