This Hook rewards Points annually. After signing up user will be rewarded with points for being a member for each year.

This hook will not be visible if AffiliateWP is not enabled.


You need to set the Points to be rewarded in the Hooks section. In the Hooks there you will find a Hook named Points for Anniversary. There you will find to set the Points and the template for creating log.


anniversary Hook myCred

  1. Click on the Points.
  2. Under Points you will find a Hook tab.
  3. Drag Points for Anniversary tab from left to right side to get activated.
  4. There you go for settings for Points for Anniversary Hooks.

Explore myCred Anniversary Pro:

myCred Anniversary Pro add-on allows you to create, manage and distribute anniversary reward points for consecutive and non-consecutive years.

myCred Anniversary Pro Features:
  • Anniversary Awards:
    • Award myCred points to users on their registration anniversary date.
  • Award points on consecutive years
    • Users will be awarded points on every anniversary date.
  • Award points on non-consecutive years
    • Users will be awarded points on non-consecutive year anniversaries (3-year, 5-year)

Download myCred Anniversary Pro

Supported Instances

Instance Reference Description
anniversary Points for being a member for year