ShareThis Actions


This hook allows you to reward your users for “sharing” your content using the ShareThis plugin.


Due to changes in the ShareThis plugin, myCRED can no longer reward your users with points for actual sharing your content! Instead, you will reward the user clicking on the share link! A user could technically click on the share button to get the option to share to popup but never complete the share process and still get points. Unfortunately ShareThis has been unable to provide a solution to this.

Available since version 1.0

Known Issues

This hook will not be visible if ShareThis is not enabled.


Make sure you set a point value other than zero for all services you want to use, along with a log entry template.


You should setup the ShareThis plugin BEFORE setting up this plugin in order to see all the services you selected to use.

Supported Instances

Instance Reference Description
share Give or take points from users for sharing something.