Clicking on Links


This custom hook allows you to reward your users for clicking on links that are generated using the mycred_link shortcode. In order for this to work, the user who is clicking on the link must be logged in and not being excluded from the point type the link generates

Available since version 1.0

Min. Requirements
  • Links will only give points when clicked on by logged in users.
  • Users who have been excluded will not receive points.
  • If you want to enforce a limit, you must provide a unique ID for each shortcode you use.

The amount value and log entry template in this hooks settings are your default settings. You can override these values when you use the mycred_link shortcode. A default value must be set to enable the hook. The hook will not work if you set the default amount to zero.

Once the hooks settings have been saved, you can start using the mycred_link shortcode.

Video Demo

Supported Instances

Instance Reference Description
link_click Give or take points from users for clicking on the link