Product Referrals


This hooks allows you to reward points to referrers and referred users on successful purchase of WooCommerce referred Products. Instantly generate and share referral link on any networking platform.
Download – myCred WooCommerce Plus

Known Issues

This hook works with WooCoomerce Plugin.

It will not be available if myCred WooCommerce plus is not activated.

Points will be awarded on the first purchase. If a same user again buys the same product points will not be rewarded.

If the referral cookie expires points will not be awarded on product purchase.


Make sure to enable the Hooks from myCred Hooks. Set the point value other than zero, you can also define the log entry template. Points can also be awarded to referee. Enable the Cookie setting from WooCommerce ➜ Settings ➜ myCred ➜ Product Referral Cookie.

Supported Instances

Instance Reference Description
Product_referral Award points on WooCommerce product referral.