UserPro Followers


The myCRED for UserPro plugin provides a custom hook that allows you to reward your users with points for following other users and/or rewarding users for getting followers.


You can select to reward everyone or limit this feature only to accounts that are verified.

Available since version 1.0

Known Issues

This hook requires UserPro version 4.8 or higher.


Make sure you set a point value other than zero to enable the hook and make sure you have provided a log entry template. You can select to either reward the the user selecting to follow someone and/or the user that gets to be followed. If you do not want to reward a particular instance, make sure that instance is set to reward zero points.

Supported Instances

Instance Reference Description
follow_user Give or take points from users for following someone else.
new_follower Give or take points from users for gaining a follower.
unfollow_user Give or take points from users for unfollowing someone they used to follow.
lost_follower Give or take points from users for losing a follower.