Codex / mycred/game / Filters / mycred_lotto_payout_type

Filter Description

This filter allows you to change what point type you want users to be paid out in when playing a lottery. Requires you to have more then one point type setup.

Available since

myCRED Lottery add-on 1.2.2.


Used by

  • Function: mycred_lottery_do_draw


  • ctype (string)
    The point type metakey to use.
  • lottery (object)
    The lottery object.


Example 1: Basic usage example where we set users to be paid in the custom point type “mytype”.

add_filter( 'mycred_lotto_payout_type', 'adjust_mycred_lottery_payouttype' );
function adjust_mycred_lottery_payouttype( $type ) {
	return 'mytype';

Last edited March 28, 2016