This filter allows you to adjust the log entry myCRED adds with each WooCommerce store reward payout.

Available since version 1.0


Param Type Required Description
$log_template string Yes

The log template to use.

$order_id int No

The WooCommerce order ID.

$point_type string No

The point type key, representing the point type the user is paid.

Used By

Package Prio. Description
Not used by any built-in package.


Example 1: Basic Usage

 * Change Woo Reward Template
 * @version 1.0
function mycred_pro_adjust_woo_reward_log( $log_template, $order_id ) {

	return sprintf( 'Reward for your sore order #%d', $order_id );

add_filter( 'mycred_woo_reward_log', 'mycred_pro_adjust_woo_reward_log', 10, 2 );