This filter allows you to adjust or add columns that are shown when viewing the log history table. This filter is used both in the front end when viewing your history or on the log pages in the admin area.

If you want to change / add columns only when viewing a specific point type in the admin area, use the mycred_log_column_{type}_headers filter instead.

Available since version 1.0


Param Type Required Description
$columns array Yes

An array of column IDs and column labels.

$class obj No

Either the log module class object if in the admin area or the myCRED_Query_Log class object if used in the front end.

$is_admin bool No

Returns TRUE if the filter is used in the front end when for example using the mycred_history shortcode or FALSE if used in the admin area.

Used By

Package Prio. Description
mycred/buddypress 10 The BuddyPress module uses this filter to remove the User column when showing the log entry in a users profile.


Example 1: Add a custom column called “Entry ID“ that are shown both in the front end and in the admin area.

Example 2: Remove the date column when viewing the log in the front end.