This filter allows you to adjust the transfer messages that the javascript uses when processing transfer requests. You can use this to adjust existing language being used or add your own.

Default messages:

  • completed – Message to show when the transfer was successfully completed.
  • error_1 – WordPress nonce has expired (page has been opened too long without running the form).
  • error_2 – Communications error (bad form submission).
  • error_3 – Recipient not found.
  • error_4 – Transaction declined by recipient (recipient is excluded from points).
  • error_5 – Incorrect amount (usually zero points or empty).
  • error_6 – Transfer add-on has not been setup.
  • error_7 – Insufficient funds.
  • error_8 – Transfer limit exceeded.
  • error_9 – Processing error (transfer declined or duplicate transfer).
  • error_10 – Selected point type not set to be transferrable.

Available since version 1.5


Param Type Required Description
$instances array Yes

An array of strings used by the mycred_transfer shortcode.

Used By

Package Prio. Description
mycred/transfer 10 Used by the myCRED_Transfer_Module class.


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