When a user transfers points to another user on your website, one of the checks myCRED makes it to ensure that he is solvent for the amount he wants to transfer. So by default, users can not send more points then they actually have. This filter allows you to override this and allow users to transfer more.

Available since version 1.0.8


Param Type Required Description
$minimum int or float Yes

The lowest amount a users balance can go when transferring. Defaults to zero.

$point_type string No

The point type being transferred.

$user_id int No

The numeric ID of the user making the transfer.

$reference string No

The reference under which the transfer is being made. Usable when you allow multiple types of transfers.

Used By

Package Prio. Description
mycred/transfer 10 Used by the transfer add-on.
mycred/core 20 Used by the mycred_send shortcode processor.


Example 1: Give contributors 100 points “credit“ when making a transfer.

Example 2: Allow users to transfer up to 500 points more than they have on their account when making a “donation“.