This filter allows you to make adjustments to a transaction request before it is executed. If you need to stop a transaction you can set the amount to zero, however you should use the mycred_add filter to determine if a transaction should be stopped.

Available since version 1.1


Param Type Required Description
$request array Yes

An associative array representing the transaction that is to be processed.

$mycred obj No

The myCRED_Settings class object processing the transaction request.

Used By

Package Prio. Description
mycred/core 10 Used by the myCRED_Settings class.


Example 1: Multiply the amount of points users gets based on their WordPress role. Administrators are excluded.

Example 2: Whenever a user on our website is to gain points, we double the value.

Example 3: Give users bonus points when they buy points using buyCRED. The amount depends on their current rank.