This action indicates the instance where the Transfer add-on is ready to process a validated transfer request. You can use this to execute actions before the processing or make further validations of the request.

This action fires only during an AJAX call and not on regular page loads so if you need to stop / decline a transaction you will need to use wp_send_json_error or similar.

Available since version 1.2


Param Type Required Description
$transfer_id int No

A unique transaction ID, generated by the transfer add-on.

$request array No

An associative array containing the transfer request. If you need to adjust the request, consider using the mycred_new_transfer_request filter instead.

Available details:

  • token – The WordPress nonce used for this request
  • recipient_id – The numeric ID of the user intended as the recipient of this transfer
  • ctype – The point type key being transferred
  • amount – The amount being transferred
  • reference – The reference under which this transfer will be logged

$settings array No

The transfer add-on settings.

Used By

Package Prio. Description
Not used by any built-in package.


Example 1: Make sure subscribers transfer minimum 100 points. All other users must transfer the amount set in the settings.