This action indicates the instance when a transfer via the Transfer add-on has been successfully completed. This action will not fire if the transaction was declined for some reason.

Available since version 1.2


Param Type Required Description
$transfer_id int No

A unique transaction ID, generated by the transfer add-on.

$request array No

An associative array containing the transfer request. If you need to adjust the request, consider using the mycred_new_transfer_args filter instead.

Please see the table below for all the available data.

$settings array No

The transfer add-on settings.

Request Array

Key Type Description
transaction_id string A unique transaction ID
sender_id int The numeric ID of the user that sent the transfer.
recipient_id int The numeric ID of the user that received the transfer.
reference string The reference used for the transfer.
charge int or float The point amount the sender nominated to transfer.
payout int or float The point amount the recipient received from this transfer.
point_type string The point type that was transferred.
data array Array of additional data, such as the transfer message, if allowed.

Used By

Package Prio. Description
Not used by any built-in package.


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