This function allows you to query existing ranks for a specific point type.

This function is only available if the Ranks add-on is enabled.

Available since version 1.1


(array) Returns an associative array of rank objects or an empty array if no ranks were found.


Param Type Required Description
function mycred_get_ranks(
$status string Yes

Rank post object status to query. Defaults to publish for published ranks.

$number int Yes

Number of ranks to get. Use -1 to return all. Defaults to -1.

$order string No

Sorting order of ranks. Accepts ASC for ascending or DESC for descending order. Defaults to DESC.

$point_type string No

Option to return ranks only for a particular point type. By default, this function will return all ranks no matter which point type they belong to. Should only be used if you need to get ranks of a custom point type.

) { ... }


Example 1: Get all published ranks.

$ranks = mycred_get_ranks();

Example 2: Get all published ranks for a custom point type

$ranks = mycred_get_ranks( 'publish', -1, 'DESC', 'customtypekey' );

Example 3: Get the 5 lowest ranks.

$ranks = mycred_get_ranks( 'publish', 5, 'ASC' );