This shortcode will generate cashCred’s payment form on the front-end. The following shortcode attributes allow the admin to add payment gateway(s), point types(s), and messages for insufficient funds and excluded users.


This function will construct a given buyCRED Payment Gateway.


This function will process a pending point purchase and "complete" it by paying the buyer the point they purchased.


This function will trash a pending buyCRED point purchase payment.


This function will return all a given users currently pending buyCRED point purchases.


This function retrieves the buyCRED pending payment object based on a given pending payment ID.


This function attempts to get the WordPress post object ID for a given buyCRED pending payment ID.


This shortcode renders the Paymentwall widget you have set to use with the buyCRED add-on. Please note that this shortcode can not be used until your website has been approved by Paymentwall! While your website


This shortcode will show a table where users can view their current subscription details.


This shortcode allows you to setup subscription buttons which triggers the Stripe Checkout window. Requires the buyCRED Stripe Gateway add-on to be enabled.


This shortcode allows you to setup purchase buttons which triggers the Stripe Checkout window. It should be used instead of the mycred_buy shortcode if you have the buyCRED Stripe Gateway add-on enabled.


This filter allows you to adjust the cost of buying points using the buyCRED add-on.


This shortcode allows your users to exchange one particular point type for another based on an exchange rate that you set for the shortcode. You can use the shortcode multiple times to allow exchanges between


This shortcode allows you to show your users their currently pending buyCRED purchases. Pending purchases occur when a user has not selected to cancel a payment or if a payment was unsuccessful. Users can view


This shortcode will generate an anchor element for buying creds according to given attributes. mycred_buy is the little brother of mycred_buy_form allowing for very simple, straight forward purchase link to a specific payment gateway.


This shortcode will generate a html form for purchasing creds. mycred_buy_form offers far more options then the mycred_buy shortcode.