Badge Builder Interface

Badge Builder Interface Badge builder is divided into three sections: Header. Toolbar. Canvas. Header In the Header section, you will see the following buttons to save the badge as a draft or set as featured

Getting Started

Getting Started In the following steps, we will see how to use the MyCred Badge Editor and design a badge. Navigate to the WordPress Admin Dashboard → myCred→ Badge Editor. Builder Editor window will open.

myCred Badge Editor

Badge Editor Introduction View Demo The MyCred Badge Editor platform provides Admin with a user-friendly interface to create custom badges, set badges properties, and define the rules for badges distribution and usage. Installation Log in

myCred Nominations

myCred Nominations Purpose Now users can nominate any other user to unlock achievements and ranks through a form. You need to configure nominations on the achievements or ranks of your choice to allow your users

Pending Log

Pending Log All the pending points are recorded in the separate “Pending Log” page. You can access all currently pending logs under each point type menu in your admin area. After releasing the points respective

Add-on Setup

Add-on Setup After the activation, you can find the Pending Points settings under the settings of each point type. In the settings, you must enable the toggle button then the rest of the settings will

Available Shortcodes

Pending Log Short Code Shortcode Description mycred_pending_log This shortcode allows you to show your users their currently pending points log table.

myCred Pending Points

myCred Pending Points Introduction View Product myCred Pending Points allows the admin to hold the awarded points in the pending state for the specified time. By default, points are awarded immediately after an event is

Getting Started

Getting Started INSTALLATION Once the plugin is installed, make sure the myCred plugin is activated; now you can see a menu that will appear on the WP Admin Dashboard titled myCred. Navigate to myCred → Time Based Reward. A new window

myCred Time Based Reward

myCred Time Based Reward Introduction myCred Time Base Reward allows you to configure rewards that your users will be able to claim in a time you want. With just some controls, you will be able

Import & Export

Import/Export Points This tool allows you to import and export user points. We have also added an option for the user to export specific or all point types. Badges This tool gives an option to

Bulk Assign

Introduction myCred 2.3 has introduced a new feature named tool, where admin can Award/Revoke Points, Award/Revoke Badges & Award Ranks in bulk to all users, specific users, and specific user roles. Features Award/ Revoke Points in

myCred Square

Select Type – Ranks

Select Type – Ranks These are the options that will appear when Ranks is selected in the Select Type dropdown menu. Manual Mode NOTE: The Rank Behaviour should be set to Manual Mode in Rank Settings to perform in bulk.


Tools myCred 2.3 has introduced a new feature named tool, which has following features:   Bulk Assign Tool Import/Export Tool Navigate to the WordPress Admin Dashboard → myCred → Tools.

Getting Started

Getting Started Once the plugin is installed, a menu will appear on the WP Admin Dashboard titled myCred. Navigate to the WordPress Admin Dashboard → myCred → Tools.