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This shortcode allows you to show the avatars of buyers of the content.

Requires the Sell Content add-on to be enabled.

Available since version 1.0

Shortcode Attributes

Attribute Type Required Default Description
post_id int No - Option to provide a post ID. If not used, the current posts ID is used instead.
number int No 10 The number of avatars to show.
size int No 42 The avatar size in pixels.
ctype string No - Option to show buyers that paid using a particular point type. Should not be used if you only have one point type installed or if users can only pay using one point type.
use_email int No 0 By default avatars are loaded using the users ID (0) but you can select to show avatars based on their email instead (1).
default string No - Default image to use. Requires an image URL. If not used, the WordPress default one is used.
alt string No - Option to set the avatar images alt attribute.

CSS Styling

.mycred-sell-this-buyers { }


Example 1: Default usage.


Example 2: Show 15 avatars instead of the default 10.

[mycred_content_buyer_avatars number=15]

Example 3: Change the avatar size to 100x100 pixel.

[mycred_content_buyer_avatars size=100]

Last edited June 23, 2016