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Checks if a user can make a transfer. Checks to make sure the user’s balance is not zero and if the user has reached the transfer limit (if used).

Note! This function will not check if a user is logged in. This must be done before calling this function.



if ( mycred_user_can_transfer( $user_id ) ) {
	// current user can transfer. Do stuff...



  • user_id (int)
    Optional user id to check. If not set, the function will default to the current user.



  • low (string)
    If users balance is zero.
  • limit (string)
    User has reached transfer limit.
  • true (boolean)
    If users balance is bigger then zero and if no limit are imposed.
  • amount (int|float)
    The amount of points remaining of the transfer limit.

Last edited July 2, 2014