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Codex / mycred/core / Filters / mycred_video_output


  1. Description
  2. Used By
  3. Parameters


This filter lets you customize the returned output of the mycred_video shortcode.

This output contains three things:

Before 1.3.3
  • The Flash Video Player embed.
  • The video state function, which is used to communicate with myCRED to award points.
After 1.3.3
  • The video Iframe.
  • The video state function, which is used by the video API to report video states and actions.
  • If enabled the update notice wrapper.


Used By

  • Function: mycred_render_shortcode_video



  • output (string)
    The shortcode output.
  • atts (array)
    The shortcode attributes.
  • embed_args (array)
    Embed arguments. (Removed in 1.3.3)
  • video_id (string)
    YouTube Video ID. (Removed in 1.3.3)

Last edited June 26, 2016