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This filter lets you customise all myCRED messages that the Transfer Add-on displays, depending on the outcome of a transfer.


Used By

  • Class: myCRED_Transfer_Creds Method: front_footer()



  • messages (array)
    Associative array of all possible system messages for Points Transfers. Message keys and values:
    • completed
      Default message: “Transaction completed.”
      Trigger: Message for successful transfers.
    • error_1
      Default message: “Security token could not be verified. Please contact your site administrator!”
      Trigger: Nonce could not be verified. Either the nonce key was lost when the request was made or this is an illicit transfer attempt.
    • error_2
      Default message: “Communications error. Please try again later.”
      Trigger: Communication error. Parts of required form fields are missing and the transfer can not be executed.
    • error_3
      Default message: “Recipient not found. Please try again.”
      Trigger: The transfer recipient could not be found. Either deleted or the username is incorrect.
    • error_4
      Default message: “Transaction declined by recipient.”
      Trigger: The transfer recipient is set to be “Excluded” from using myCRED hence they can not receive points.
    • error_5
      Default message: “Incorrect amount. Please try again.”
      Trigger: The transfer amount seems to be zero. You can not transfer zero points.
    • error_6
      Default message: “This myCRED Add-on has not yet been setup! No transfers are allowed until this has been done!”
      Trigger: The Transfer Add-on has not been setup yet. Settings that are required to process transactions are missing.
    • error_7
      Default message: “Insufficient funds. Please enter a lower amount.”
      Trigger: The senders balance is to low to transfer the requested amount.
    • error_8
      Default message: “Transfer Limit exceeded.”
      Trigger: The user has reaches their transfer limit or will exceed their limit with the requested amount.

Last edited June 26, 2016