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This filter allows you to return the content of a custom column that you have added using the mycred_log_column_headers filter. This filter is used by both the myCRED_Query_Log class when showing log entries and the myCRED_Export class when exporting. The filter name consists of mycred_log_ followed by the column ID you set.

You can not use this filter to replace the content of the built-in columns in myCRED! There are dedicated filters for each column that needs to be used instead.

Available since version 1.0


Param Type Required Description
$content string Yes

The default column content. If the filter is used by the myCRED_Query_Log class, this will be FALSE while if it is used myCRED_Export class it will be an empty string.

$entry obj No

The database row object for the entry in question.

Used By

Package Prio. Description
Not used by any built-in package.


Example 1: Render the content of a custom column with the id ``row-id``.

Last edited June 26, 2016