Log References

Here you can find a complete list of all the references that built-in hooks and add-ons use when awarding or deducting points from your users.

Core Hooks

Reference Description
registration Website Registration
site_visit Website Visit
view_content Viewing Content
view_content_author Getting a view on your content
logging_in Logging in
publishing_content Publishing Content
approved_comment Approved Comment
unapproved_comment Unapproved Comment
spam_comment SPAM Comment
deleted_comment Deleted Comment
link_click Link Click
watching_video Watching Video
visitor_referral Visitor Referral
signup_referral Signup Referral

Third-Party Plugin Hooks

Plugin Reference Description
BadgeOS badge Earning Badge
- achievement Earning Achievement
bbPress new_forum New Forum
- deleted_forum Forum Deletion
- new_forum_topic New Forum Topic
- deleted_topic Topic Deletion
- topic_favorited Topic Added to Favorites
- new_forum_reply New Forum Reply
- deleted_reply Forum Reply Deletion
rtMedia photo_upload Photo Upload
- video_upload Video Upload
- audio_upload Audio Upload
- photo_deletion Photo Deletion
- video_deletion Video Deletion
- audio_deletion Audio Deletion
Contact Form 7 contact_form_submission Form Submission
Events Manager event_booking Event Booking with myCRED Payment using multi-booking.
- event_attendance Attending Event
- cancelled_event_attendance Cancelled Event Attendance
GD Star Rating rating Rating
Gravityform Submissions gravity_form_submission Form Submission
Invite Anyone sending_an_invite Sending an Invite
- accepting_an_invite Accepting an Invite
Jetpack site_subscription Subscription to website updates
- comment_subscription Subscription to comments
ShareThis share Share
SimplePress new_forum_topic New Forum Topic
- deleted_topic Topic Deletion
- new_topic_post New Topic Post
- deleted_topic_post Topic Post Deletion
UserPro follow_user Following a user
- new_follower Gaining a new follower
- verification Account Verification
- unverification Losing Account Verification
WooCommerce reward Reward for purchase
- product_review Product Review
WP Favorite Post add_favorite_post Post added to favorites
- favorite_post_removed Post removed from favorites
WP Polls poll_voting Poll Voting


Component Reference Description
BuddyPress: Members new_profile_update New Profile Update
- upload_avatar New / Update of Avatar
- new_friendship New Friendship (once accepted)
- ended_friendship Ended Friendship
- new_comment New Activity Comment
- comment_deletion Deleted Activity Comment
- new_message New Message
- sending_gift Sending Gift
BuddyPress: Groups creation_of_new_group Group Creation
- deletion_of_group Group Deletion
- new_group_forum_topic New Group Forum Topic
- edit_group_forum_topic Edit Group Forum Topic
- new_group_forum_post New Group Forum Post
- edit_group_forum_post Edit Group Forum Post
- joining_group Joining Group
- leaving_group Leaving Group
- upload_group_avatar Upload / Change Group Avatar
- new_group_comment New Group Comment
BuddyPress Gallery + & BuddyPress Album new_buddypress_gallery Creation of a new BuddyPress Gallery

Badges Add-on

Reference Description
badge_reward Badge Reward (added in 1.7)

Banking Add-on

Reference Description
interest Interest payout
recurring_payout Recurring Payout

buyCRED Add-on

Reference Description
buy_creds_with_paypal_standard Points purchase via PayPal
buy_creds_with_netbilling Points purchase via NETBilling
buy_creds_with_skrill Points purchase via Skrill
buy_creds_with_zombaio Points purchase via Zombaio
buy_creds_with_bitpay Points purchase via BitPay

Coupons Add-on

Reference Description
coupon Coupon Deposit

Gateway Add-on

Reference Description
store_sale Store Sale profit share payout
store_sale_refund Store Sale profit share refund
marketpress_payment MarketPress Store Payment
woocommerce_payment WooCommerce Store Payment
woocommerce_refund WooCommerce refund
wpecom_payment WP E-Commerce Store Payment
event_payment Event Espresso payment
event_sale Event Espresso Event Sale profit share payout
ticket_purchase_refund Event Espresso Ticket Purchase refund
ticket_purchase Events Manager ticket purchase
ticket_sale Events Manager ticket profit share payout
ticket_purchase_refund Events Manager Ticket Purchase refund

Sell Content Add-on

Transfers Add-on

Reference Description
transfer Incoming and outgoing transfer

Last edited February 17, 2017