The myCRED Store

I believe that a “points management plugin” must be able to perform some common tasks, straight out of the box. But on the other hand, I do not want myCRED to be a “does it all” plugin, over-bloated with features. So features that a vast majority of myCRED users would need access to are provided for free while custom features are provided as a premium add-on.

Premium add-ons that are developed by myself are sold via the myCRED store, while some third-party premium add-ons exists on other websites. The store is the main funding source of all myCRED development, support and website hosting.

Product Licenses

While most licensing systems restrict the usage of the software when a valid license is missing, myCRED plugins will continue to work even if your license expires.

Instead, myCRED licenses are used to provide you support and product updates. If you do not have a valid license or if the license has expired, you will no longer receive updates and can no longer download the product from your account.

One License per website

You are required to have a valid license on each site you have a premium product installed. You can not use a license for site A to get support for an installation on site B.

If you are using a multisite installation, you only need one license for the entire network IF all sites in your network use the same base URL. If you on the other hand have unique URLs for sites in your network, you will be required to have a license for each unique URL.

Annual Renewal

In order to continued support and updates, the product license must be renewed annually. In your wp-admin area, the product will show you the number of days you have left on your license and will warn you once 30 days or less are remaining.

When your URL changes

Since your license is tied to a URL, if you change that URL the license will stop working. You can select to reset a license for the nominal fee of $1.50 in your account and change the URL.

You do not need to reset your license if you enable / disable https on your website!

License Setup

Once your order has been paid for, a license is added to your account for each product you purchased. You can find these under “My Product Licenses” in the top right navigation of the website.

To setup your license, simply enter your websites URL as shown on the Settings > General page in your wp-admin area without the http:// or https:// part and save. Remember that you must enter the URL exactly as it is shown in your settings!

Once you have done this, the plugin will receive update notifications in your wp-admin area and you will be able to open Priority Support Tickets for the product.

Your product license management screen on the website.

If you have not yet decided on your websites URL, make sure you setup your license first when you have!

No license found for -

When you install and activate a myCRED premium plugin in your wp-admin area, you might see a message saying “No license found for – …”. This will only appear until the next time your WordPress installation checks for plugin updates. Generally this is done twice a day. You can however update this manually by clicking on the “View details” link next to this message in your plugin list and wait for the information popup window to fully load.

If you have setup your license and set the correct Site URL for your license, the popup should show you how many days you have left on your license in bold text. If it does, one you refresh the page, the message will disappear. If on the other hand it does not show up, make sure you have the correct URL setup for your license.

Example showing the "No license found for - ..." message.

In older versions of some of the premium add-ons, you will instead see a message stating “Not a licensed copy!”. While the message differs, the fix is the same as described above.

Last edited August 31, 2016