While Badges are based on a users points history, Ranks, are based on a users balance. As a users balance changes, so does their rank. You can setup ranks to be used for positive balances or negative (or both).

As of version 1.6, you can setup ranks for each point type you have installed.

Based on Current Balance

As the users balance increases, so does their rank. If the user spends or looses points, they also risk of losing their rank, based on your setup. Basing ranks on users current balance is best suited when your users only gain points.

Based on Total Balance

Basing ranks on users total balance allows them to retain their rank even if they spend their points. When using the total balance, the only way a user can lose their rank if an administrator deducts points from the user manually with a log entry.


Once you have enabled the Ranks add-on, you will need to setup the add-on by visiting the Settings page.

Since ranks are custom post types, you can select what part of the custom post type object you want to use. By default ranks will always have a title and a logo (featured image) but you can also select to enable the content field along with excerpts and comments.

Next you need to tell myCRED if ranks are public or not. If you want to list all ranks to the public like posts or pages, you will need to make them public. But if you just want to award users ranks and not bother with also listing them on your website like an archive of posts, then there is no need to make it public, users will still be able to earn ranks even if ranks are not public.

Next you need to decide if ranks should be based on users current balance or their total balance. If you have BuddyPress or bbPress installed, you can also select if myCRED should automatically insert them in your users profiles. These settings are not visible if none of the mentioned plugins are installed.

The Ranks add-on settings.
Re-calculate totals option if ranks are based on users total balance.

Rank Management

You can view all your ranks on the myCRED > Ranks page in your admin area. If you have multiple point types, myCRED will insert this Ranks page under each point type you have installed.

Here you will see each ranks title, their logo (if used), the point requirements set for each rank, the number of users with each particular rank and the point type the rank is connected to.

Just like posts / pages / custom post types in WordPress, you can select to edit or trash any rank in the list.

Example of myCRED ranks.

Creating a New Rank

When the Ranks add-on is enabled for the first time, myCRED will insert a “default rank” to get you started. So your first step needs to be to edit this rank and change it to be your first rank.

As a bear minimum, a new rank must be given a name and you must set the point type requirements. You must set the minimum and maximum amount of points a user must have in order to qualify for the rank. It is therefor important that rank requirements do not overlap or the user will receive the rank with the lowest ID.

To help you out, myCRED will show all existing ranks and their set requirements.

The add new rank admin screen.

As of version 1.7, ranks can be scheduled to be published at a later date just like regular posts.

Assigning Ranks

By default myCRED will automatically assign ranks to users each time their balance changes, when a new users is added or when a new rank is created.

In case there is an error or you want to assign badges manually, you can visit the settings page of the point type the rank belongs to and under “Management” click on the “Assign Rank to Users” button. When you click on this button, myCRED will run through all published ranks and assign each one to your users based on your setup. You should also do this if you change what balance ranks are based on.

Rank management options.

Displaying Ranks

myCRED provides 5 shortcodes to help you show each users rank on your website:

mycred_my_rank – This shortcode allows you to show a specific users rank or the current user viewing the shortcode. Only shows rank for one particular point type.

mycred_users_of_rank – This shortcode will return a list of users with a particular rank.

mycred_users_of_all_ranks – This shortcode will run through each rank and present by default 10 users of each rank.

mycred_list_ranks – This shortcode will list all existing ranks for a particular point type.

mycred_my_ranks – New in 1.6, this shortcode will return all ranks a user has. Should only be used when you have ranks for more then one point type.

If you have BuddyPress or bbPress installed, myCRED can also help you automatically insert your users rank in their profiles.

Last edited June 11, 2016