The notifications add-on allows you to show popup notifications each time a user gains or loses points on your website. While they can still access their log history using e.g. the mycred_history shortcode, these popup notifications will inform them of new entries without having to visit and view the shortcode.


Once you have enabled the add-on, go to your myCRED > Settings page and click on “Notifications” to see your settings.

You can select to disable the built-in styling if you prefer to style things yourself, set the HTML template used inside each popup, set the lifespan of each notification and how long they should appear on the page.

If you want to apply your own styling, set “Duration” to zero to keep them from automatically disappearing. Especially if you style using your browser.

The Notifications add-ons settings.

Minimum Requirement

Notifications are shown using javascript so no notifications will show if a user have scripts disabled. Furthermore, notifications are inserted into your websites footer using the wp_footer function. If your theme does not use this function, no notifications will be shown!

Notifications are not guaranteed to work on websites that are AJAX loaded!

Last edited June 2, 2016