The coupons add-on can be a powerful marketing tool where you can create and share coupon codes that generate a certain amount of points for those who redeem it.


Once you have enabled the add-on, you will need to set the log template and messages that are shown when coupons are redeemed.

Once you have set your messages, scroll down and save (even if you make no changes).

In order for users to redeem coupons, you must use the mycred_load_coupon shortcode. This shortcode will render the form that needs to be submitted to redeem a coupon.

The Coupon add-on's settings.

Coupon Management

You can view all your coupons on the myCRED > Coupons page in your admin area. If you are using multiple point types, the page is available in your first point types menu.

You can see each coupon codes usage and current status. Once a coupon has reached it’s global usage limit, it will trash itself automatically.

Coupons management screen.

Creating a Coupon

  1. Go to the myCRED > Coupons page in your admin area.
  2. Click on the “Create New” button on the top of the page.
  3. First enter a unique code for this coupon.
  4. Next set the amount of points a user gets when using this coupon.
  5. If you are using multiple point types, select the point type you wish to use and click Save Draft.
  6. If you want the coupon to automatically expire, set an expiration date.
  7. Set a global limit for the coupon, this should be the maximum number of times the coupon can be used.
  8. If you want to allow users to use the coupon more then once, change the User Limit.
  9. If you want to enforce a minimum or maximum balance requirement, set the point amounts you want to use.
  10. Click “Publish” to active the coupon.
  11. The coupon is now ready for use!
The new coupon creation screen.

Last edited May 27, 2016