Multisite Support

myCRED supports Multisite installations where you can either enable myCRED on a local site only or enable myCRED network wide. Enabling the plugin network wide, will install myCRED on all sites in your network.

If you select to enable myCRED network wide, you gain access to myCRED’s network settings. These settings allows you to block myCRED from being used on specific sites, enable / disable the Centralized Log feature or enable / disable the Master Template feature.

The myCRED Network settings are accessed via your Multisite Network screen. If myCRED has not been enabled network wide or the setup has not been completed on your main blog (the blog with the ID 1), the network settings page will not be visible!

Central Logging

The central logging feature allows you to use one central log and balance for users across the entire multisite network. If enabled, myCRED will give each user a central balance, which they can access on all sites. Besides their balance, myCRED will only use one, central, log where all events across your network is logged. This also allows you to create for example badges for actions across the network.

Before you can use this feature, myCRED must have been setup on your first blog (the blog with the ID 1). This will create the log table in your database that is then used across the network.

If disabled with myCRED being network wide enabled, each blog will be asked to setup myCRED. Once the setup is completed, myCRED will install a dedicated log for that particular blog.

Master Template

The master template feature allows you to enforce your main sites settings (the blog with the ID 1) on all other sites in your network. So the add-ons you enable or hooks you use on your main site will be used on all other sites as well.

If enabled, you will only be able to see the log for each site in your blogs wp-admin area.

Last edited May 24, 2016