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This action can be used to terminate or execute custom code when a new transfer request is made. This action will fire first when a user has met the core requirements for a new transfer. These core requirements are:

  • The transfer recipient exists and is not excluded from getting points.
  • The transfer add-on has been setup in the admin area.
  • The sender has sufficient funds for this transfer.


Used By

  • Class: myCRED_Transfer_Creds Method: ajax_call_transfer()



Note that these parameters were changed in version 1.5. Older myCRED versions will not have these parameters available!
  • transaction_id (string)
    A unique transaction ID generated by myCRED.
  • post (array)
    An associative array of form fields submitted. Basically everything that got sent via $_POST after the values have been sanitized.
  • prefs (array)
    The transfer add-on preferences.
  • transfer_addon (object)
    The Transfer Module object. You can use this to access class methods like get_recipient().
  • type (string)
    The point type being transferred.

Remember that this action fires during an AJAX call so if you want to stop a transfer, you can use:

die( json_encode( 'myerror' ) );

If you want to add a custom transfer error / success message, please use the mycred_transfer_messages filter to add your message in clear text (what users see) and instead use the above code to return the unique error code (not visible to users).

Last edited March 7, 2016