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This action fires after an email notice has been sent using wp_mail().

Requires the Email Notices Add-on to be enabled.


Used By

  • Class: myCRED_Email_Notices Method: wp_mail()



  • notice (array)
    The email notice details as formated by the mycred_email_before_send filter in an associative array format. Available array keys:
    • to (string)
      Recipients Email address.
    • subject (string)
      Email subject.
    • message (string)
      The parsed email message body.
    • headers (array)
      Email headers.
    • attachments (string)
      Email attachments.
    • request (array)
      The initial request when points are awarded or deducted from the users account. For more information consult the mycred_add filter.
    • email_id (int)
      The email notice id.

Last edited March 7, 2016